Welcome Neighbors!

Creative neighbors from Jarak's community collaborated to create handmade, sustainable and unique pieces for you to have and enjoy.

About Jarak

The word “Jarak” means “your neighbor” in Arabic. Jarak is an initiative that believes in the power of a well connected community. We are currently based in Lebanon and our main purpose is to bring back the sense of community to our neighborhoods through introducing creative, inspiring, talented people into our community through our two main platforms, our Instagram page “Jarak Online” and our E-Shop “Jarak” with the aim of empowering and supporting our community members. Each of the neighbors selling on our E-Shop have spent a day with us on our Instagram page, where they introduced themselves to our community, explained to us their work and gave us tips to help us improve ourselves. By supporting the neighbors selling their products on our E-Shop you are supporting hardworking small business owners who put so much time and effort into their brands and visions. Let’s bring back the sense of community to our neighborhoods by getting to know each other through reaching out to us on our “Jarak Online” Instagram page and by supporting each other through our “Jarak” E-Shop.