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With a strong commitment to supporting and nurturing collaborative endeavors, we strive to connect individuals with complementary skills and passions, fostering innovation within our creative and caring community.
Time flies swiftly, and we, at Jarak, aspire to transform the way you perceive it. Instead of feeling anxious or worried, we want you to experience joy, hope, energy, and ambition.

Introducing you to our latest creation; a meticulously handcrafted clock “Jarak O’clock”, born from the collaborative efforts of talented creatives within our vibrant Jarak community.



Zakaria Salaheldine, from Rawlines Design , played a crucial role in shaping the core of the clock, utilizing a special, environmentally friendly type of concrete, Stonline. This material not only boasts durability but also offers a lightweight and flexible nature, making it ideal for our design.
Hiba Hayek, from Wood Identity , a skilled artisan and engineer, dedicated her expertise to meticulously craft the outer frame of “Jarak O’clock”. Employing Teak wood, an environmentally friendly and resilient material, we ensured longevity of the frame while maintaining its natural characteristics.
Gaëlle Ghattas, from Gael Ghattas , brought her delicate touch to the project by incorporating her love for vintage straps into the exquisite craftsmanship of wood and concrete.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ghyda Helou for her artistic leadership and dedication, ensuring the realization of this project. We would also like to express our thanks to, Riad Youssef and ThePrintshop.lb team for their invaluable assistance in crafting the beautiful packaging, as well as, Francous Chahine for the stunning photographs.

️“Jarak O’clock”️ embodies our continuous commitment to sustainability, ensuring a harmonious balance between beauty and environmental consciousness.

Together, let’s shape a community that transcends time,
one “Jarak O’clock” at a time!

Sincerely yours,
Jarak Family.

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