Beekeeping Workshop


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Jarak Online teamed up with ArzEhmej , LRI Lebanon and Teddy Habchy to go on a Beekeeping adventure!

This Beekeeping activity will involve caring for the colonies of honeybees. We, the Beekeepers, will be looking after the buzzing hives, making sure our precious bees have everything they need to thrive, like food and shelter. We will check on bee larvae, workers, and QUEEN BEE see the honey, beeswax, and more, all while helping bees pollinate plants and keep our environment healthy. It’s gonna be a rewarding journey rooted in nature’s wonders.


Beekeeping activity programme:
– Arrival at 9 am, at Arz Ehmej
– Saj breakfast till 9h30 ( saj is included within the fees)
– Small hike in Ehmej forest to get to know the biodiversity that is around the bees.
– At 10 a.m., we arrive at the beehives to start the beekeeping activity
– Each one of us will be equipped with all the necessary clothes and equipment. During the beekeeping, we will see and learn everything about the different components of a beehive, such as the workers, larvae, wax, pollen, honey , and we will meet the Queen!
– Afterwards, comes the honey tasting part along with light refreshments.

– Date: Sunday, June 2nd
– Time: from 9 a.m. till 12 p.m.
– Location: Arz Ehmej
– Fees: 25$ (saj breakfast included as well)
– Capacity: 10 participants max

-What a bee-licious day neighbors!
To book your spots and more info, WhatsApp us on 70538855.
Let the fun Beegin!


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