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‘Lit’ is the result of the collaboration of three talented creatives from our community:
Jean Paul Fares of ‘JP Recycle Design’, Mariam Assi of ‘Marazal Handcraft’ and Nariman Salloum of ‘Boema Natura’. All three of them worked for almost four months to finalize “Lit” on time for you to celebrate with us Jarak’s second anniversary.

“Lit” is made of three components:
The base, with a soft color mix that varies between beige, orange, gold, brown and dark green, is made of recycled plastic shredded elements, mixed with a creamy colored concrete. All the bases are poured, softened and finalized by Jean Paul.
The core is hand crafted by Mariam and is made by recycling olive green translucid wine bottles. Mariam cut the wine bottles herself and then smoothed the sharp edges with her own hands.
The scented soy wax candle is passionately hand-poured and decorated by Nariman. Soy wax burns slower than other types of wax and does not emit black soot while burning. As for the scent, “Lemon and Tea” was chosen to give you a sense of freshness and uplift your mood. Meaning, an elongated soothing aromatic experience filled with freshness and positivity.

“Lit” is a unique candle, designed to be considerate to the environment, sustainable, decorative with the purpose of making you feel relaxed and refreshed as well as support he small businesses of our community.

Collaborative efforts bring a sense of community to our lives as well as uncover hidden potentials and talents. We, at Jarak, believe in the power of collaborations and we try as much as possible to support and harness them through linking complementary skills and passions so that the outcome can benefit as many neighbors as possible as well as add a touch of innovation into our creative and loving community.

“Lit” is the beginning of many new collaborations to come. Let’s light the world neighbors, one collaboration at a time.

Sincerely yours,

Jarak Family.




  • Materials:

    The base is made of recycled plastic elements mixed with concrete.
    The core is made by upcycling wine bottles.
    The candle is made of scented soy wax.
    The scent used is “Lemon and Tea”.

  • Collaborators:

    Handmade with the collaboration of three talented creatives from our community.
    Jean Paul Fares of “JP Recycle Design”.
    Mariam Assi of “Marazal Handcraft”.
    Nariman Salloum of “Boema Natura”.

  • Dimensions:

    Candle Dimensions:
    Width: 10cm
    Height: Varies between 10cm and 12cm

  • Qualities:

    -Considerate to the environment.
    -Feel relaxed and refreshed.
    -Support small businesses of our community.
    -Multipurpose usage after the wax is totally consumed.

Keep in mind:
Each piece is handmade and unique, therefore  the dimensions and colors might vary a little bit between the pieces.


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Beige, Green


Concrete, Glass, Recycled Plastic, Soy Wax


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