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  • Beekeeping workshop with Jarak
    Beekeeping with Jarak

    Beekeeping Workshop


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    Jarak Online teamed up with ArzEhmej , LRI Lebanon and Teddy Habchy to go on a Beekeeping adventure!

    This Beekeeping activity will involve caring for the colonies of honeybees. We, the Beekeepers, will be looking after the buzzing hives, making sure our precious bees have everything they need to thrive, like food and shelter. We will check on bee larvae, workers, and QUEEN BEE see the honey, beeswax, and more, all while helping bees pollinate plants and keep our environment healthy. It’s gonna be a rewarding journey rooted in nature’s wonders.

  • Handbuilding Ceramics Workshop with Jarak

    Handbuilding Ceramics


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    Handbuilding Ceramics Workshop Jarak Online x Carli Boisjolie from Studio Sans Racines.

    In this beginner-level class, you will create a unique and simple ceramic cup, bowl, or pot using the pinch handbuilding technique.
    During the first session on May 18, you will form you piece with clay and use tools to create texture.
    Then, you will decorate your pieces using food-safe glazes during the second session on May 25th, after your pieces have dried and been bisque-fired in the kiln. Also, you will get a glimpse of what working in a ceramics studio is like and learn about ceramics processes and terminologies.